Electrical engineering technician job description and profile

The job of an electrical engineering technician is to apply the concepts of electrical engineering to manufacture, repair and modify electrical equipments. Electrical engineering technicians report to electrical engineers and follow their instructions. The technicians may be employed either by companies that manufacture electrical appliances or by power generation companies.

Electrical engineering technician job duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of an electrical engineering technician are:

  • Assisting the engineering staff in designing, developing and manufacturing electrical goods and equipments
  • Preparing diagrams and blue prints of electrical equipments as per the design models
  • Assembling and installing electrical equipments
  • Taking up repair works of electrical equipments
  • Making on site calls in case of electrical problems like short circuits and power failure and evaluate the reasons
  • Diagnosis of electrical problems and repairing them
  • Testing electrical circuits and ensuring their safety
  • Recording any kind of electrical problems and reporting them

Electrical engineering technician skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of an electrical engineering technician are:

  • Good knowledge about practical application of electrical engineering concepts
  • Good knowledge about the usage of tools used in the development and repair of electrical equipments
  • Good knowledge of mathematics and science and their application in electrical engineering
  • Good knowledge about safety precautions involved while working high powerful electrical equipment
  • Good knowledge about the codes, rules, regulations and standards of electrical equipment
  • Ability to understand instructions, think critically, diagnose problems and provide troubleshooting solutions
  • Ability to learn on the job

Electrical engineering technician education and qualification

The education and qualifications of an electrical engineering technician are:

  • High school graduation with math and science as core subjects
  • Vocational or certification course in electrical engineering
  • A diploma or bachelor’s degree provide bright future prospects

Electrical engineering technician salary

The median salary of an electrical engineering technician is $46,500 per annum.