Embedded software Job Profile & Description

Several industries in modern society are becoming more dependent on computer software for the performance of delicate and necessary procedures. Many industries including the medical sector are increasingly using embedded systems to perform functions that were previously difficult or thought to be impossible. Embedded software engineers are the professionals behind the development of these complex systems that are serving to simplify the work of professionals in various sectors.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Designing and development of embedded software systems
  • Implementation of embedded software systems
  • Maintenance of embedded software systems
  • Designing, maintenance and implementation of embedded software system components
  • Designing and development of hard drives for embedded systems
  • Development and implementation of communication modules
  • Implementation of system Algorithms
  • Development and implementation of data structures
  • Development and implementation of system program elements
  • Debugging of embedded systems
  • Troubleshooting of developed and existing embedded systems
  • Designing of software to support the embedded systems
  • Implementation of documentation
  • Development of testing scenarios and test plans for developed and modified systems
  • Implementation of verification tests for developed software
  • Documentation of errors and problems encountered during the testing of embedded software
  • Investigation of requirements, specifications and needs of clients
  • Interpretation and implementation of findings of investigation to the design and development of embedded software
  • Documentation of reports on errors and problems from clients
  • Investigation of errors using error tracking equipment
  • Keeping up to date with regulations and standards of embedded software development as laid down by authorities