Software DevelopmentĀ Job Profile & Description

There is an increased demand for the development of new software with the increased reliance of organizations and individuals on computers and other IT equipment. Software developers code and write programs with the specific requirements outlined by the client in mind.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Software developers meet with clients to discuss their specific software needs
  • They interpret the written requirements and technical specifications as set by the client for their software
  • Perform the coding for technical specifications written by clients
  • Software developers analyze and investigate problems that have been reported by clients and document the results of their investigation(s).
  • Software developers perform maintenance of programs and correct defects that have been identified during the maintenance process
  • Run tests on software whereby they create and implement test plans and test harnesses
  • Documentation of the results of tests
  • Investigation and suggestion of solutions to defects and problems that may have been detected during the tests

Skills and specifications

Recruiters in this field will be looking for specific skills and attributes in applicants that will enable the software developer to perform his or her functions. These include:

  • Experience in software development
  • A bachelorā€™s degree in an IT related discipline
  • Knowledge of software coding according to standards that have been published and the guidelines for the design as set out by clients
  • Flexibility
  • Able to perform even under pressure
  • Ability to or experience with the interpretation of specifications and requirements documents