Software Engineering Job Profile & Description

Software engineers are in great demand in different sectors of the IT industry. A software engineer is responsible for the development of new software and the improvement of already existent software. More opportunities are opening up for software engineers and software developers in other industries as they open up to the increased use of computers in the performance of essential tasks. Software engineers today can be found in the production and services sectors.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Investigation of existing software based on received reports
  • Modification of existing software so as to correct software errors
  • Adaptation of existing software of hardware
  • Upgrading of interfaces to improve performance of software
  • Designing and development of new software systems
  • Application of mathematical and analytical models for the predication and measurement of the outcomes and consequences of new designs and modifications
  • Evaluation of software and hardware interfaces with the assistance of engineering staff
  • Development of specifications and requirements for performance so as to resolve problems reported by customers
  • Analysis of information
  • Suggestion of modifications for existing systems
  • Development of plans and actual implementation of modifications for existing systems
  • Development and implementation of software testing procedures
  • Performance of software programming
  • Documentation of software program development and testing
  • Consultation with customers concerning the progress of projects and technical issues in development of software
  • Advice clients about and assist them in the installation and maintenance of the software system
  • Monitoring of equipment functionality so as to ensure that the software system functions optimally