Entrepreneur Job Profile and Description

An Entrepreneur is a professional who discovers opportunities and determines in what way the resources required to produce improved and new goods and services can be mobilized.

Effective and successful entrepreneur sets up an example for other people and shows creativity in business. Entrepreneur assumes significant accountability for the risks and the outcomes of the new enterprises, ventures or ideas.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Arranging funds to launch an enterprise.
  • Finding and researching new business opportunities.
  • Making improvements in the current market segment.
  • Operating the business on day to day basis.
  • Noticing the opportunities to meet the customer needs.
  • Finding out and deciding an effective way to use available resources to develop a product that satisfies customer needs.
  • Understanding customer needs and translating them into business objects that the customers can use.
  • Developing and implementing strategies for the new product and services by analyzing business needs.

Skills and Specifications

  • Should have the observation skill so as to identify the opportunities.
  • Should be open to experimenting different and innovative ideas.
  • Should have the makings of a good leader who can motivate people in the project.
  • Should have a very high urge for achievement and should be committed.
  • Should be able to deal with great amount of stress and frustration.
  • Should have a positive attitude and should be able to gauge the risks involved in a particular venture.
  • Good communication skills required so as to manage the business.

Education and Qualifications

  • Degree in economics, strategy, management, and technology related fields from an accredited institution.