An environmental engineer is an individual whose duty is to look after environmental related problems such as water and air pollution and other issues like waste disposal that can give rise to health issues of the public. They have to use advanced principles in the field of Biology, Chemistry and Environmental science in order to protect natural resources, human life and wildlife.

Their main responsibility is to eradicate all kinds of environmental issues.  They may have to design water treatment systems for industries and also water supply for municipal organizations. They may also have to assess the process of recycling and reclamation. An environmental engineer also has to conduct studies of hazardous waste management. They also provide consultation on the environmental effects of various construction projects.  It is the duty of environmental engineers to work on various global issues like global warming, air and water pollution, acid rain and ozone depletion.

Environmental engineer Duties and Responsibilities

There are various duties and responsibilities of an environmental engineer. They are as follows:

  • Preparing, reviewing and updating  investigations related to the environment
  • Preparing reports based on his environmental investigation
  • Collaborating with environmental scientists, waste technicians, planners, engineers and specialists in order to address environmental problems
  • Obtaining, updating and maintaining procedures to be operated
  • Keeping a check on the progress of various environmental programs conceived
  • Giving technical support for the purpose of system design and determining regulatory applicability
  • Inspecting programs for the purpose of evaluating effectiveness of operations and ensuring that environmental regulations are followed
  • Advising industries and government agencies about procedures of cleaning up waste materials
  • Informing company employees about issues related to environment
  • Managing various protection programs and projects related to the environment and assigning work

 Environmental engineer Skills and Specifications

An environmental engineer needs to have various skills and specifications in order to excel in their job position and these are as follows:

  • Should be aware about the hazards that can affect the environment
  • Must have excellent waste management skills
  • Good communications skills
  • Ability to raise issues
  • Excellent problem solving skills

Environmental engineer Education and Qualification

In order to work as an environmental engineer, it is necessary for an individual to pursue a four years degree in environmental engineering.

Environmental engineer Salary

The average annual salary of an environmental engineer is $66480