Equipment Control Specialist Job Profile and Description

The job of an Equipment Control Specialist is of great significance as he is responsible for handling all the electronic testing tools, inventory and spare parts. Such specialists typically work at manufacturing units and factories. Individuals for this position are accountable for the quality and standards on electrical and electronic equipment of the establishment. Persons in this position are required to follow standard operating procedures for all work functions/

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Keeping an inventory record of all electrical and electronic related goods and spare parts.
  • Coordinating with the maintenance department for their requirements.
  • Filing purchase order forms and completing other documentation processes for procuring equipments.
  • Ensuring that the equipment complies with all safety standards and the quality of the establishment.
  • Negotiating with equipment suppliers for better prices.
  • Leading a team of subordinates and ensuring the proper handling and storage of all equipment.
  • Coordinating work functions with other organizational departments.

Skills and Specifications

  • Should have excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Understanding of the functionality and handling of equipment and tools.
  • Ability to effectively manage time and lead a team of subordinates.
  • Understanding of safety regulations and norms of equipment storage.

Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree or diploma in engineering, administration or any other related field of study from an accredited institution.
  • Post Graduate degree or diploma in electronic engineering, administration or any other related field of study with about 2 – 3 years experience as an electronic.