Equipment Mechanic Job Description and Profile

Under general supervision, the job of an Equipment Mechanic entails the maintenance and repair of a variety of diesel-powered and gasoline type of equipment. He likewise performs all other tasks and duties required of him. The job required less complex type of tasks and duties when compared with the Equipment Mechanic II.

Duties and Specifications

  • Maintains heavy equipment and motor vehicles in good working condition through tuning of motor; checking of plugs, points, distributors, condensers, brakes, condition of engine block and steering gear.
  • Regular maintenance and upkeep of new brakes, balancing of brakes and balancing and aligning of wheels.
  • Performing regular and preventive maintenance which includes lubricating equipment, changing of oil and maintaining proper fluid levels.
  • Diagnoses complex problems of lesser nature and performs such tasks like repair of electrical and electronic systems and overhauling of hydraulic systems.
  • Performs painting and body work
  • Performs welding of broken parts and components.
  • Responds on time to any emergency calls.
  • Performs needed field repairs and maintenance.
  • Maintains tools and equipment.
  • Repairs equipment, restoring it to working condition.
  • Keeps and maintains records of finished work and tasks.

Skills and Specifications

  • Must have knowledge of practices in repair and maintenance of motor vehicles.
  • Must be familiar with equipment and tools utilized in making repairs.
  • Able to organize and schedule daily tasks.
  • Must know how to give instructions in repair and maintenance methods and equipment.
  • Must be able to follow instructions.
  • Be able to keep and maintain records.
  • Must known electronic diagnostic equipment and methods.
  • Be able to learn in using automated recordkeeping system.
  • Must know how to utilize computer keyboard.

Education and Qualifications

  • Possession of a High School Diploma, higher education is desired.
  • 1 year of continuous full time experience performing regular preventive maintenance as well as routine repairs on heavy types of equipment and motor vehicles
  • Possession of valid Driver’s License (Class C type) upon appointment.