Forensic Technician Job Description and Profile

Under general supervision, the job of Forensic Technician entails performing basic forensic work in the area of investigations by taking pictures at the crime scenes. He gathers, preserves and processes physical evidences both at the field and crime scenes. The Forensic Technician performs related tasks and duties when required.

Duties and Specifications

  • Performs departmental digital and photographic work such as digital storage as well as printing.
  • Arrives and responds quickly to crime scenes as a member of the Forensic Technician team.
  • Participates in the efficient and immediate recovery and processing of all existing physical evidence retrieved from accidents, crime scenes, or in a controlled lab environment.
  • Prepares court exhibits and effectively testifies in court.
  • Diagrams and illustrates properly crime scenes and gathers every important DNA evidence. Documents all types of activities that occurred during crime investigations.
  • Operates properly the Livescan Fingerprint Capture instrument whenever necessary.

Skills and Specifications

  • Ability to keep and maintain records, reports and logs.
  • Must be able to observe details in the classification of fingerprints.
  • Utilize a variety of photographic tools and equipment.
  • Must effectively present and testify at court.
  • Be able to work with minimum or even no supervision whenever in the field.
  • Must know how to do digital photographic reproduction with the use of computers and specific software.
  • Able to take accurate and vivid photographs with the use of photographic equipment.
  • Must establish cooperative work relationships with various law enforcement groups.
  • Must know how to understand and apply laws policies and statutes.

Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in any College Course
  • 6 months of technical experience in digital photography such as working with software on digital photography; or,
  • 6 months of relevant experience doing fingerprint identification duties such as classification, indexing and analysis.