Finance Comptroller Job Profile and Description

A finance comptroller has the job of conducting a total survey of all financial aspects of a company or a certain specific policy by creating an overview of the important objectives that define finance and related areas of business-making of the firm. Hence the comptroller is responsible for all accounting and financial tasks that concern the respective organization. The finance comptroller needs to perform all the major tasks in a company for the finance section and corresponding execution of duties.

An individual working as a finance comptroller may have to handle diverse situations of financial issues and varied effects of strategies on different public grounds and clientele factors, for which one needs to have thorough knowledge and practice of the activities.

Finance Comptroller Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities to be handled by a finance comptroller include:

  • Management of the company books of accounts; maintenance of authentic records and legal documents regarding the financial status of the respective firm.
  • The finance comptroller is responsible for providing services such as preparation of accounting records, audit making, and approximation of the budget and such other related jobs.
  • The regulations imposed by the State on corporate bodies in related fields of Finance and management need to be strictly followed by the company and the official realization of the norms has to be looked after by the finance comptroller only.
  • A finance comptroller needs to have thoroughly studied the company requirements in terms of finance and provided services likewise.
  • A finance comptroller is responsible for official preparation and maintenance of finance related documents and papers required for authentication.
  • Monitoring of financial procedures and policies and proper analysis of the strategies in the field of finance is a major job responsibility of a finance comptroller.

Finance Comptroller Skills and Specifications

The particular skills and specifications required to be possessed by a finance comptroller include:

  • Knowledge of finance and related practices
  • Mathematical, analytical, and logical skills
  • Ability to interact with clients as well as company owners and shareholders with equal involvement and power to convince parties
  • Data identification and verification skills

Finance Comptroller Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements of a finance comptroller are as follows:

  • An undergraduate or Bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, or related fields.
  • Training programs under the State registered bodies help individuals qualify on grounds of practical experience as finance comptroller.

Finance Comptroller Salary

The salary of a finance comptroller varies in the range between $65,000 and $1, 50,000 on an annual basis.