Finance Generalist Job Profile and Description

The job of a finance generalist specifically does not underline any set of tasks, but includes many job responsibilities such as providing finance related information to prospective clients as well as generating newer clientele base, educating employees and workers regarding various financial practices and company policies, updating finance strategies to suit customer demands and market scenario, etc.

A finance generalist must have a proper knowledge and clear insight into the legislative procedures and regulations imposed upon U.S companies and/or finance-based agencies and organizations regarding their operation of business and execution of finance related tasks. It requires education and training of a high standard and acquiring of appreciable grades on an individual’s part to qualify as a finance generalist in a certain company or firm.

Finance Generalist Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a finance generalist have been given below:

  • A finance generalist must have complete information regarding the financial policies and facilities being provided to customers.
  • It is the job of a finance generalist to have a complete overview of the plans developed by the finance department, client records and corresponding investments, interest rates and facilities, etc.
  • The finance generalist plays an important professional role in determining the annual budget and at audit meetings.
  • A finance generalist must have complete information regarding the State rules and regulations related to finance and ensure that they are properly adhered to.
  • A finance generalist needs to have reports of all financial documents and accounting records, and maintain them in an ordered manner such that they can be referred to whenever required. The official must also ensure that all documentation is authentic and contains proper and complete details.
  • Finance generalists may have to deal with external agents of the company as well – such as stakeholders, partners and shareholders, prospective clients, creditors, and other organizations that might be related to the respective firm in terms of finance and business-making.

Finance Generalist Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications desired of a finance generalist include:

  • Knowledge of handling finances and ensuring proper functionality
  • Leadership qualities as well as team spirit
  • Mathematical and analytical skills
  • Ability to build and maintain interpersonal relationships at professional level

Finance Generalist Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements of a finance generalist include:

  • An undergraduate degree in Finance or related fields
  • Certified training or completion of courses on finance and corresponding areas from registered institute(s
  • A Master’s degree in specific field of study is essential now-a-days when employers demand the highest standard of finance generalists.

Finance Generalist Salary

The salary of finance generalists mostly lie in the range of $85,000 – $1, 75,000 annually, with professionals posing higher qualifications and with more experience earning more per year.