Finance Counselor Job Profile and Description

A finance counselor is an individual who maintains client records and provides them with important counseling suggestions. There are many types of finance counselor jobs that include providing financial advice and consultancy services to clients, recommendation in investment related policies and mortgage issues, and other finance matters that are of quality standard in view of customer demands and satisfaction as well as company policies.

A finance counselor basically works on behalf of the company or firm dealing with finance matters and advises clients on specific policies and finance strategies. The job of counseling demands thorough knowledge and practice in financial transactions and related areas of work by the respective professional.

Finance Counselor Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a finance counselor include:

  • It is the responsibility of a finance counselor to check all debt-related issues and provide legal financial assistance to clients, as and when required.
  • A finance counselor must have thorough knowledge of the general strictures as well as company policies and provide customers with appropriate information in all finance-related matters.
  • A finance counselor must have records of customer investments, mortgage issues, and other finance strategies involved as part of the company’s business-making policy.
  • The finance counselor must have thorough knowledge of the policies set by the governing authorities of the State and must provide counseling advises likewise.
  • The job of a finance counselor involves maintenance of customer documents as well as the company books of accounts, so as to provide proper information and details as required.
  • Finance counselors need to maintain professional relations with outsiders – be it clients or stakeholders, as well as with the respective firm’s employees and provide authentic information.

Finance Counselor Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications required of a finance counselor have been given below:

  • Finance and management abilities
  • Logical, mathematical, and analytical skills
  • Reasoning abilities; interpersonal skills

Finance Counselor Education and Training

The education and training requirements of a finance counselor are as follows:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance and/or Accounting, Management, or related studies.
  • Training programs under a registered body is necessary, such as the Certified Personal Finance Counselor [CPFC] plan is required to be participated in.
  • Practical experience and handling of real-life customers is necessary to qualify as a finance counselor.

Finance Counselor Salary

The average salary of a finance counselor is $33,000 annually.