Finance Coordinator Job Profile and Description

The job of a finance coordinator is to properly organize and manage the financial objectives and policies of a certain firm or organization. As the job title implies clearly, a finance coordinator is responsible for coordinating finance related activities within various departments of the company as well as beyond company boundaries – with other organizations and companies.

Framing financial strategies that adhere to the State legislations and regulations is an important responsibility contained in the job profile of a finance coordinator. One must be properly educated and trained in the real-life practices of financial practices such as accounts management, audit preparation, tax calculations, etc. to qualify as a finance coordinator.

Finance Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

A finance coordinator must possess the following duties and responsibilities:

  • It is the job of a finance coordinator to overlook all the financial entries in the books of accounts and maintain all finance related records.
  • A finance coordinator must strictly abide by the rules and regulations put forward by the State in operating business and corresponding finance activities. Thegenerally accepted accounting principles [GAAP] must be rigorously followed while designing any finance strategy or during execution of any related activities.
  • The job duties of finance coordinator include preparing of tax records and maintaining them as per the norms of Financial Assistance Program [FAP].
  • A finance coordinator must maintain the records and documents properly and efficiently and provide them whenever required. The documents must be kept signed and approved by senior authorities and supervisors.
  • A finance coordinator is professionally responsible for arranging meetings and events within the company [inter-departmental] or with other firms and organizations regarding financial issues and policies of the respective company.
  • Income statements and banking reports must be thoroughly analyzed by finance coordinators and necessary actions must be taken.
  • Audits are to be conducted by finance coordinators and taxation policies must be surveyed and prepared effectively.

Finance Coordinator Skills and Specification

The skills and specifications required to be possessed by a finance coordinator include:

  • Mathematical, logical, and analytical skills; financial management abilities
  • Verbal and non-verbal abilities; communication skills
  • Leadership skills; ability to work in groups

Finance Coordinator Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements of a finance coordinator include:

  • Bachelor’s degree in finance and/or management related fields
  • On-the-job training in audit, tax, and other finance practices
  • Master’s degree in specific areas of finance coordination is highly regarded for.

Finance Coordinator Salary

A finance coordinator earns an annual salary of $60,000 – $1, 30,000 on an average.