Forensic Toxicologist Job Description and Profile

Under supervision, the job of a Forensic Toxicologist entails performing toxicological analyses and providing expert testimony in any legal actions and proceedings. Forensic Toxicologist operates the lab of forensic toxicology in the absence of the Laboratory Director and performs other duties when he is required to do so.

Duties and Specifications

  • Performs analysis and routine tests of bodily fluids and tissue or any other evidence that will identify and pinpoint the presence of drugs, alcohol, and toxic agents with the use of sensitive and analytical lab devices.
  • Maintains gadgets and equipment and ensures data integrity with the cleaning and calibration of equipment, changing of parts and running of control samples through the appropriate instrument for quality control.
  • Logs and maintain samples.
  • Accomplishes forms to report results of tests.
  • Ensures compliance with the proper procedure in specimen and evidence storage.
  • Consults regularly with clients and other experts and specialists such as criminalists and pathologists regarding lab analysis, interpretation of results and nature or evidence.

Skills and Specifications

  • Ability to perform physical, chemical and instrumental analysis as well as associated procedures like quality control and calibration.
  • Must know how to utilize specialized computer software systems.
  • Must be able to learn laws of evidence.
  • Be able to make conversions on units of measure.
  • Able to keep accurate and detailed records.
  • Be able to clearly communicate with clients and experts.
  • Must know how to provide expert testimonies.
  • Ability to comply with local, state, and federal regulations and laws concerning chains of evidence, storage of specimens and testing protocol.
  • Must exercise sound and reasonable scientific judgment.
  • Must safely work with specimens from individuals who have infectious diseases.
  • Be able to work with flammable, volatile, caustic, carcinogenic and explosive chemicals and solvents.

Education and Qualifications

  • Must complete 60 semester units or its equivalent, including 3 semester units of the area of quantitative analysis and 8 semester units of chemistry.
  • Possession of a valid Driver’s License (Class C).
  • Must be able to obtain Forensic Analyst’s Certificate within 1 year of employment.