Being a fashion designer is not just about getting into a fashion institute or taking up training courses but about preparing the right mindset for such a business.

  • One must be prepared to take risks other wise you can’t invent and innovate. Do not stick to doing what’s always been done. There is a need to move outside the box, to innovate and come up with new approaches and this requires taking risks. Calculated risks need to be taken and recklessness is not allowed; it should be planned, considered and measured.
  • Successful risks translate to having a clear understanding of the environment and pertaining requirements. This done by conducting a thorough assessment of the possible outcomes given all scenarios and considering the implications for both profit and loss, and knowledge of the most likely outcomes come from experience, training and learning.
  • A fashion designer must endorse self promotion. That does not mean that you should take every opportunity to talk yourself up; personal branding requires a lot of subtlety. Look for opportunities to gain exposure for the work and this will be a positive impact, without self promoting blatantly. One needs to understand the vehicles of internal communication within the fashion industry, both in its formal and informal way. There should be an identification of ways to inject your message. Use very creative social networking technology to stand out and keep all posted about the latest updates and also keep team members informed all the time.
  • It’s essential to develop your personal brand from your own personal individuality. Communicate clearly in your designs on the message that you’re looking to portray.
  • One must be prepared to work outside their boundaries and also build cross-functional relationships in their designs and outlook.