Job descriptions are very important for preparing a resume. It is not so easy task to include your job descriptions in the resume. You should know how to write a job description for a resume to easily prioritize the descriptions. The very good method in preparing this is to consider your career goal and include the experience related to your professional objectives.

Write down all the responsibilities on a paper. Phrasing is not essential here; just write down everything you have done and doing in the previous and current jobs respectively.

Here is an idea of how to write your job descriptions in the resume.

How to prioritize the description information?

Highlight your responsibilities

In your resume, you should highlight each job’s responsibilities. Also mention how these items are related to your career goal. If you have other points which can support your career goal more effectively, use them rather.

Action words

Try to use power or action words like communicated, managed, developed and so on to start each description. Be sure that the statements which you have listed quantify your achievements.


Essential responsibilities

It would be much better in listing the timeline achievements/budget achievements, sales figures, customer acquisition rates or something which helps you in placing your responsibilities in the industry context in which you work in. Make sure that these mentioned statements are related to your career objective.

Quantify the essential statements

Include a point to quantify the statements of your job description. However, there is no need of quantifying every single thing, just quantify which are most essential and goal driven.

Qualifications and accomplishments

The same rules are applied for the qualifications and achievements. You should list the statements which are very much related to the career goal first. For example, if you are applying for the customer service job, though both the computer skills and communication skills are essential, your communication skill comes first.

Consider as an employer

Consider yourself as an employer, double check your each job description and also look whether you are relating these mentioned statements to the job you are seeking for. This allows your employer to know that you possess the skills which are necessary for the job.