Job descriptions are having an important function in the employing organization. So you should know what is the importance of job descriptions. The importance of these job descriptions is useful to all the personnel, and also to the potential personnel including the job candidates, managers, employees and recruitment personnel.

Job description

A job description outlines the essential skills, education and training required by a potential employee. It indicates the responsibilities and the duties of a particular job. Once a description of the job is prepared, it can be able to serve as a basis for orienting a fresh employee, interviewing individuals and also in the appraisal of job performance. Preparing the job descriptions mainly results in the thought process which aids in determining the difficulties regarding the job, how this specific job relates to others and finding the features required by new candidate to fill the role.

Here we are specifying the importance of job descriptions.


Serves as a communication tool

A well thought and written job description serves as an effective communication tool between the employees. For an organization, the up to date and accurate job descriptions offer the most effective communication tools between the employees.

In the process of recruitment

In the recruitment section a well job description serves as an important function, as at this period the internal standards are communicated by the organization to the candidates who are external to the firm. The applicants who apply for any role should know the qualifications and duties of a job to determine the match between their expertise and the job role. A clearly stated and accurate job description provides an essential information for accomplishing the process of recruitment successfully.


Another important area in which the job descriptions offer important employee communications is review. This job description explains the expectation of manager for a specific position of each employee.


The critical significance of these job descriptions includes legal ramifications. If there is no up to date and accurate job description, there will be an increased risk of improper hiring cases and legally uncertain personnel practices.