Preparing a sales representative job description is very important for the process of recruitment as it is very helpful in clarifying what is the responsibility of the salesman within the firm and also for the employee understand about the job responsibilities. So for preparing a well job description, you should know how to write a job description for a sales representative. The process of preparing a job description is absolutely straightforward and easy.

The job description for the sales representative includes a job title. This kind of job description can be used commonly in various industries like insurance sales, internet sales, pharmaceutical sales, and retail sales. Regardless the type of industry, the sales representatives play a very important role for their individual company success.

Here are some steps in writing the job description for sales representatives.

Job title

First think about the job duties. Then add job title as sales representative as you are looking for that position. As the job deals with the product selling or service, include the relevant and required information about that particular product.


Start a new document and create a title for the position. Under that title, you should include the department and the supervisor name to whom the employee should report.


Company’s overview

Include a short description about the firm and its service or product. Including an overview of the firm’s purpose is very helpful.

List of duties

Include a heading as duties and responsibilities. Under this, list all the duties which you have thought before. Mainly concentrate on the broadest and biggest aspects of job.

Additional responsibilities and skills

Include a heading as additional responsibilities and skills. Beneath this, include all the minor responsibilities and certain skills that you are expecting from the ideal candidate, like strong communication skills, or specific computer programs.

Experience and education

Then include a heading called experience and education. Under this list the necessities, including the required degree type which the candidate should possess, required scale of work experience. If you wish to give any preference for the high level education candidates or more experienced candidates, you should indicate in this section.

Additional qualifications

Create a heading of additional qualifications and list if there are any other specifics under this which the ideal individual should know, like speaking another language, travelling and so on.

Employment terms

Include a heading of employment terms and list the employment duration in years or months for the contract hires, salary window, and also mention if there is any salary negotiable option based on the education and experience.