Logistics Accountant Job Profile and Description

The logistics accountant job profile presents a picture of duties that are required to be fulfilled as part of a logistics account management system or group. The logistics accounting department may be part of a larger organization or company, and hence the range of jobs to be handled by the accountant would also vary accordingly. On a general note, a logistics accountant requires to properly examine the freight charges applicable and prepare account statements accordingly.

It is the job of the logistics accountant to establish healthy financial relationships between the company he is employed at and its clients or shareholders, partners, and creditors. He must carefully manage the accounts of all parties that have been forwarded freights and report their financial status as well as the corresponding condition of the company.

Logistics Accountant Duties and Responsibilities

A logistics accountant is given the duty of performing job responsibilities such as:

  • Settling the company records of accounting by determining the exact amounts payable as well as those pending for cash receiving.
  • Managing and processing financial deals among various companies and/or clients, at times beyond national boundaries.
  • A logistics accountant has to wrap up financial tasks within a stipulated period of accounting, without failing out on a single aspect even. It is his duty to cross-check all the entries in the various accounting books and financial statements so as to identify any faults or error that might have occurred and also adopt immediate measures to solve the accounting problem.
  • Manage freights and review rates as per the State laws or company rules.
  • Ensure proper abiding of the strictures imposed for management of logistics accounts
  • Assess the modes of payments, rate of return, policies and benefits underlying the program, and other details that form part of logistics accounting.
  • Co-ordinate with various parties for signing financial contracts and agreements, with thorough adherence of legal issues.
  • Preparation of logistics account reports and properly forwarding them to higher authorities

Logistics Accountant Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications that help an individual qualify for the post of a logistics accountant include:

  • Accountancy and financial knowledge, skills that help manage and/or administer business deals and issues.
  • Knowledge of accounting terms and techniques and ability to understand or develop unique methodologies for specific work conditions.
  • Practical knowledge of payment and record-keeping, maintenance of the books of accounts.
  • Interactive skills and technological qualities

Logistics Accountant Education and Qualifications

A logistics accountant must acquire the required education and qualification standards before applying for jobs in the respective field, which include:

  • Graduate or Bachelor’s degree in accounting
  • Professional experience in financial firms or accounting department of any company, with a minimum of three to five years’ training under registered Logistics service providers
  • Licensure to qualify as a certified logistics accountant

Logistics Accountant Salary

The salary of an average logistics accountant ranges between the lower limit of $46,000 to as high as $78,000, while better trained accountants and professionals with greater work experience can earn even more per year.