Property Accountant Job Profile and Description

A property accountant, as the term clearly implies, performs the job of analyzing properties, recording corresponding details and description, and correctly accounting for the same. The accountant is to estimate or state the exact amount generated or to-be generated by the property at a particular instance of time, after a specific time span, or during some stipulated time period.

The property in question must be studied thoroughly by the accountant and all relevant and important aspects of its nature must be recorded, such that the corresponding financial details can be easily accounted for. The property accountant must keep track of all the properties under his supervision and be updated with the latest information related to them, as may be required by the company or his individual firm or self.

Property Accountant Duties and Responsibilities

A property accountant performs the following job duties and responsibilities:


  • Property investigation and study of its financial prospects, thereby accounting for the property as per the company’s needs.
  • Conducting the process of exact valuation of the property and documentation of its financial as well as related description in details.
  • Reconciliation of bank statements, management of cash-flow structures, investments and returns.
  • Determination of the taxes levied on the property and suggesting means to acquire them.
  • Review of the laws of taxation and making payments accordingly.
  • Consolidation of funds; handling assets related to the property.
  • Maintenance of property papers and handing out payments as required by the contract or agreement, within the specified interval of time.
  • Calculating monthly, quarterly, or annual interests on the property and paying or receiving payments for the same, depending upon the nature of the company and the property deal.

Property Accountant Skills and Specifications

The various skills and specifications required to be possessed by a property accountant have been described below:

  • Mathematical qualities; logical and reasoning abilities
  • Analytical skills; decision-making approach and ability to solve problems easily within minimum time-span.
  • Critical power of thinking; verbal as well as written communicative skills, listening power
  • Ability to work in groups; leadership qualities
  • Computer knowledge and corresponding application skills

Property Accountant Education and Qualifications

An individual interested in pursuing career as a property accountant requires to fulfill the following education and qualification standards:

  • Bachelor’s degree in the study of Accounting, Finance, Business Management or other related fields.
  • Qualification achieved as a Certified Public Accountant
  • Certified work experience in private/public accounting firms and/or industries dealing with property matters

Property Accountant Salary

The salary of an average property accountant is generally $71,250 per annum, with increased levels of expertise and academic qualifications helping earn more.