Mapping Technician Job Description and Profiles

Under general supervision, the job of a Mapping Technician entails compiling, drafting and revising different types of maps. The Mapping Technician likewise creates graphic illustrations and performs other related tasks and work that’s required of him to perform.

Duties and Specifications

  • Utilizes a CAD mapping system to plot, draw, draft, and modify maps by making new roads, changes in names and parcels and other features.
  • Modifies and changes old district and area maps by comparing these copies to official surveys and records.
  • Updates and creates overlay maps to depict important data and information as water, topography, boundary and other types of environmental features on base maps at various scales.
  • Assists in the development of coordinated map systems, showing of water distribution and road classifications to be used by concerned agencies like the Fire Department.
  • Checks on the measurement and accuracy of boundaries and lots on maps.
  • Researches legal decisions, deeds and other official types of reports and documents in the verification of land titles before making maps.
  • Revises and modifies map indexes.
  • Updates official zoning and land use maps.
  • Assists the general public in locating any property and finding map and survey.
  • Creates preliminary and final sketches and designs of new highways, street layouts, parks, freeways, parking locations and public works.

Skills and Specifications

  • Able to develop overlay maps with the use of land use sources, drafting equipment and tools.
  • Create camera-ready artwork in the production and creation of charts, planning reports and graphs.
  • Must be able to follow verbal and written instructions.
  • Must know how to perform general aerial photographic interpretation.
  • Must know how to use a computer.
  • Be able to operate CAD mapping system, geographic information system and computer graphics drawing software.
  • Be able to work harmoniously with other people.

Education and Specifications

  • Completed at least eight semester units of college cartographic and graphing presentation and training; or,
  • One year of related experience doing either drafting of maps or preparation of graphic illustration and design.