Heavy Equipment Operator Job Description and Profile

Under general supervision, Heavy Equipment Operator’s Job entails performing skilled type of work focused in the operation of heavy equipment utilized in the construction and maintenance of public works, roads and flood control facilities. The heavy Equipment Operation directs maintenance staff members when necessary. He likewise performs related tasks and duties when required.

Duties and Specifications

  • Operates heavy duty construction equipment which includes loaders, motor graders, excavators, bulldozers, scrapers, steel rollers, chip spreaders and cranes on various types of flood control, road and land-fill projects.
  • Performs maintenance and repair of types of heavy equipment.
  • Maintenance of road such as cutting, sloping and grading of shoulders and roadbeds.
  • Compacts road areas and performs other types of road construction and maintenance operations.
  • Works on the flood control and maintenance such as clearing of mud and rocks from channels and performs any other operations on flood control and maintenance.
  • Assists and performs solid waste disposal such as filling and packing in order to establish grade.
  • Operate diesel-powered combination or trailer and tractor on an alternating basis.

Skills and Specifications

  • Must have the right skills and knowledge in mechanical operation and maintenance of various kinds of heavy gas and diesel powered construction equipment.
  • Must know how to work and follow with heavy construction practices.
  • Be able to operate, service and maintain heavy type of equipment.
  • Must be able to fully learn and apply department methods and procedures.
  • Must know how to follow written and verbal types of instructions
  • Be able to establish work relationship with other employees.

Education and Qualifications

  • 2 years of relevant experience in the full-time operation and maintenance of heavy duty type of construction equipment; or,
  • 1 year or relevant experience performing tasks and duties that are equivalent to that of Maintenance work, which includes the operation and maintenance of heavy duty construction equipment; or,
  • The right combination of education, experience and training that provides skills, knowledge and abilities needed to properly handle the Heavy Equipment Operator job.
  • Possession of a valid State Driver’s License (Class A).