Mechanics Helper Job Profile and Description

A Mechanics Helper mostly works in an automobile manufacturing unit, service centers or factories and assists the mechanic in all day-to-day functions. Such individuals are given an on the job training to get familiarized with the quality standards and other operational processes of an establishment. However, this is an entry-level position, skill; expertise and technical knowhow are basic requirements for a job of this genre.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Inspecting vehicle engines, machinery equipments and other systems to detect any malfunctions or damages.
  • Repairing, servicing and refurbishing engines, machinery and equipment.
  • Following standard operating processes of the establishment.
  • Complying with industry regulations and safety norms for conducting all work processes.
  • Completing all tasks as assigned by the head mechanic within the specified time limit.
  • Testing the engines and machinery and ascertaining that they comply with industry standards.
  • Appropriately handling and using all testing tools and repair equipments.
  • Reporting damages and technical defects to the head mechanic.
  • Coordinating work processes with fellow workers of the organization.

Skills and Specifications

  • Should have excellent written and as well as verbal communiqué abilities.
  • Ability to detect technical snags, defects and malfunctions in the systems.
  • Sound understanding of industry safety norms and standards of working.
  • Ability to efficiently manage time and meet all specified deadlines.

Education and Qualifications

  • High school degree, diploma or a GED equivalent qualification from a certified college.
  • Bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree or diploma in mechanical or automotive engineering or any other related field of study.