Medical Biller Job Profile and Description

Every business has a financial aspect and so does the health care industry. The Medical Biller takes care of the medical billing and coding and makes sure that financial aspect runs smoothly. They receive, process payments, manage matters pertaining to insurance coverage and claims and also collect all the past- due payments meant for the medical practitioners.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Collecting payment for the medical practitioners and physicians for the services that had been rendered by them to their clients.
  • Carrying out appropriate type of medical billing and also taken into account the different rules of medical insurance companies while preparing for the billing.
  • Taking in to account Medicare, Medicaid rules and all other types of Social security rules, patient privacy laws etc.
  • Billing and coding of medical documents in order to help the health care industry to keep a track of the expenses that it has incurred and the money that it would receive for the services that has been offered.
  • Recording the patients and their treatment’s information in order to create the required database.

Skills and Specifications

  • Good medical billing skills.
  • Good accounting skills.
  • In-depth knowledge in all types of insurance policies.
  • Familiar with medical codes and terminology.
  • Well versed with different types of laws and rules.

Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in accounts with some idea of medical terminology is highly imperative.
  • Five to ten years experience in related field is an added advantage.