Network Systems Manager Job Profile and Description

The Network Systems Manager overseas a team of network engineers and technicians to ensure that the network connecting client systems in a LAN or WAN and to the outside world via legacy or internet connectivity conform to the high availability standards to match that of its computer hardware systems.  The work involves constant liaison with telecommunications companies who supply the physical network layer for data and voice communications.

Network Systems Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with telcos to ensure high that broadband connections comply with the bandwidth allotment specifications and penalties are within contractual service level agreements.
  • Supervise a team of network engineers and technicians to administer their assigned networking protocols and topologies to ensure undiminished performance and uninterrupted operations well within the department’s IT standards.
  • Provide regular reports to the IT head of CIO on the performance of corporate and supplier networks as well as problems and upgrading concerns as needed.
  • Implement the departmental quality and productivity standards and procedures in the installation and maintenance of private wired and wireless networks.
  • Ensure that disaster recovery networks are regularly tested for operational readiness at anytime in the even of data center shutdown.

Network Systems Manager Skills and Specifications

  • Must have both technical and managerial competence to oversee a teems of network engineers and technicians and manage the network resources
  • Must have excellent communication, social and interpersonal  skills
  • Must have excellent organizational, supervisory and managerial skills
  • Can work long hours and ready for on-call work under extreme pressure

Network Systems Manager Education and Qualifications

  • A college degree in computer engineering or related engineering course is basic
  • A master’s degree or MBA is preferred,
  • 9-12 years of experience in the IT department with the last 5 years in network administration.

Network  Systems Manager Salary

The annual average salary of a Network Systems Manager can vary depending on the extent and complexity of network operations, involvement of telecoms companies and global reach, as well as the industry, location and holder’s qualification.  Typically, the position can earn an annual average of $95,000 to a high of $135,000.