The designation office clerk is a wide term which includes a variety of titles such as an accounting clerk, managing clerk etc. Anyhow the job profile i.e. office clerk generally comprises a collection of varied tasks. Each respective office or the firm may alter the tasks that are included under this profile as per their own requirements. The tasks may be related to the accounting tasks, the telecommunicating tasks, low level managerial tasks etc.

Office Clerk Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities for the position of office clerk:

  • Manage the book keeping for the office while also carrying out the bank transactions required by the office managers.
  • Maintain, sort and copy the files in the office also keeping them in proper place.
  • Complete, check and keep track of all the bills, contracts, policies, invoices etc as required by the office.
  • Check that the office machines such as the photocopier, fax, telephones etc are all in the best shape and functioning properly.
  • Responsible for the management and filing of the inventory of the business.
  • Deliver the messages sent by the employees to other employees and run any other errands the seniors require him or her to run.
  • Arrange the appointments of the senior officials and maintain the schedule for them.
  • Address the phone calls, take messages and circulate them to the respective official.
  • Handle or make the required travel arrangements for the officials for the various business purposes.
  • The individual employed must have active listening senses. He/ she must listen to the tasks he/ she is being assigned so that they can be carried on as per the specifications.

Office Clerk Skills and Specifications

  • The individual must be able to communicate via writing and must be able to convey the messages or circulars properly.
  • The individual must be able to effectively communicate by speaking in the office language.
  • The individual must have an understanding of the official documents for he/ she may be required to edit the documents etc.
  • High school education is a compulsory underlining for such a job position.

Office Clerk Education and Qualifications

  • Any other level of higher education may be optional but the individual must have the basic knowledge of a few subjects namely, mathematics (arithmetic, calculus etc.), English, economics and accounting.

Office Clerk Salary

The average salary that an individual at the position of an office clerk may earn is around $20,000 to $ 25,000 per year on an average.