Office manager is a key management position where the respective employee is required to manage an office space. The management of the office space refers to catering to the needs of the senior officials of the office, maintaining the d├ęcor and the decorum of the office, managing the inventory and the staff amongst a variety of things. The exact definition of the tasks or duties though generally same may at times vary depending on the senior executive/ managing officials.

Office Manager Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of an office manager are as follows:

  • The office manager is responsible for ensuring that the staff employed adheres to the rules and regulations laid by the senior officials.
  • The office manager is responsible for looking after the day to day needs and operations of the office to ensure smooth functioning.
  • The office manager is required to keep a track of the day to day transactions and happenings in the office.
  • The office manager must ensure that all the employee requirements are met within time, thus creating an employee friendly work environment.
  • He/she responsible for keeping the office furniture and other office property in proper working condition.
  • The office manager is responsible for managing the bills, the telephone, the machines, the mails of the office, to ensure smooth working operations.

Office Manager Skills and Specifications

  • The individual must have good negotiation skills.
  • The individual but be well versed in the language stated as the official language for the respective business.
  • The individual must have motivational so that he/ she can motivate the employees to carry on the tasks with dedication and adhere to the deadlines.

Office Manager Education and Qualifications

  • A basic high school education is mandatory. With the education being acquired from an accredited institute.
  • It may also be required for the individual to have a graduation level degree in either of the subjects: computers, economics, accounts etc.
  • It may suffice if the individual has taken a course or a program in office management, a variety of which are offered by various technical schools.

Office Manager Salary

The average salary paid to an office manager is $ 55,000 per annum on an average. The exact amount of the salary may vary with the amount of responsibility laid on the individual as the office manager, working hours and the size of the business organization.