Pharmacy intern Job Profile and Description

A pharmacy intern provides services related to the field of pharmacy under the supervision of a pharmacist. He is either a medical or pharmacy student and has to administer unit doses or intravenous mixture dispensing. He also has to prepare and dispense drugs and other pharmaceutical supplies under strict supervision and in compliance with established procedures and standards.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A pharmacy intern dispenses and compounds prescribed medications or drugs for patients care in keeping with proper legal rules
  • He has to review and monitor medications and orders written by therapists and see if they are safe and effective
  • He also prepares labels and dispenses medications for patients in accordance to the physicians’ prescriptions and also follow the government regulations related to dispensing of drugs and narcotics
  • He must also maintain the required records of dispensing
  • He has to compounds medications by following standard formulas and processes like weighing, measuring and mixing chemicals
  • He has to maintain the systems that charge or credit for medications
  • Sometimes he may also have to answer queries and give information to customers on a drug, its side effects, dosage and storage
  • He has to follow the procedures of storage, quality assurance, security, and disposal of hazardous materials
  • He may have to analyze medications to determine identity, purity and strength

Skills and Specifications

  • A pharmacy intern must have knowledge of the chemicals used in drugs and the effects of their combination
  • He must be sympathetic to the queries of the customers and help them in the understanding the dosage etc
  • He must pay attention to details and be careful when compounding

Education and Qualifications

To be a pharmacy intern, you would require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy or the equivalent.