Student assistant Job Profile and Description

A student assistant works in a particular department of a college or university and has job responsibilities specifically designed for a student. They do not involve any strenuous jobs but mostly deal with clerical or communication related duties and assistance to any division. However, the nature of the job may vary from department to department. These jobs also take into account the class timings and exam schedule of the student and are more flexible than off-campus jobs. Most of these jobs are part of a financial aid package for a student and are also known as work study.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Student assistants have a wide variety of choices and can choose which department they want to work for. Accordingly the duties and responsibilities will also change
  • They may assist other students, especially juniors, in a computer lab
  • They can assist their professor with the basic teaching duties and help with research
  • They can work in the library and help in filing records, cataloguing of books, the circulation department etc
  • They can also help with administrative tasks, photocopying and filing for an academic department
  • They can work with the grounds staff and do grounds-keeping around campus
  • They can work with the campus police to issue parking tickets

Skills and Specifications

  • Hard work and diligence are required and the student must balance his work and studies
  • He must be serious about his work too, as these job experiences can be used later in his resume
  • Knowledge of computers and basic software is helpful

Education and Qualifications

This kind of work is usually part-time, and the wages are also low. Students need to have a certain number of credit hours to be eligible for student assistant position. They must also have the basic knowledge of the kind of work they are doing.