Programmer Analyst Job Profile & Description

A programming analyst simply writes, modifies and reviews computer software. He is responsible for coding the software engineers’ work to be interpreted and run by a computer, testing, encoding, documenting and debugging programs. So, the software analyst comes into the play once the programmer hands in his work before it is handed over to the client or used to serve the purpose intended.

Job Responsibilities and Duties

Planning, developing, testing and documenting computer programs

Developing specifications for designs to determine their feasibility, cost and required time to complete

Formulating plans outlining steps necessary to develop programs, using approved structure analysis and design.

Recreating steps taken by users to locate problem sources then rewrites the program to correct errors.

Providing expert level assistance in database design, development and improvement within MS SQL Server DBMS or oracle DBMS

Assisting with processing, object and data modelling in diverse database and application environments

Contributing to systems architectural design, analysis, development and improvement

Providing technical advice to risk analysis and change control

Assisting with the development of customer or company information management standards

Evaluating of modern technology trends

Contributing to business region assessment, analyzing user needs and designing business systems

Skills and specifications

Professional image in attitude, conduct and attire

Ability to adapt to and learn emerging industry leading information management technologies

Professional qualifications

Minimum recognized technical diploma or degree in Computer programming, Computer science or related field

Certification in the information management and systems environment

Knowledge of Java (J2EE), Microsoft .NET framework, Oracle Application Development, Database development, design and improvement within the MS SQL Server DBMS or the Oracle DBMS