Software programmer Job Profile & Description

A software programmer codes and develops computer programs based on client or system demands. Programmers must be holders of a degree in software programming and are mostly specialized in diverse fields of software development e.g. operating systems, application software, specific languages or systems. Hands on experience is very vital in this field.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Coding, testing and troubleshooting programs that use appropriate database, hardware and programming technology.
  • Refining data and formatting it to final product.
  • Maintaining and modifying programs and making approved modifications by amending flow charts, coding changes and developing detailed programming logic.
  • Testing and developing programming modifications.
  • Writing new program codes using prescribed specifications.
  • Evaluating interrelationships between developed programs
  • Analyzing program performance and taking necessary actions to rectify deficiencies
  • Writing and maintaining programming documentations.
  • Analyze client, server and micro-computer program system based software solutions available and compatibility with company requirements.
  • Maintaining confidentiality concerning information being accessed, stored or processed.
  • Documenting programming bugs and resolutions for future reference.

Additional responsibilities

  • Providing training to new employees and staff members.
  • Assisting personnel of other company departments as a computer resource.
  • Performing other duties as assigned

Skills and specifications

Strong interpersonal skills

Ability to learn fast and support new information systems and applications

Ability to examine and scrutinize information and draw conclusions

Educational and professional training

Bsc. in Computer Software Engineering or programming

Knowledge of programming codes, logic and computer flow charts

Ability to create technical instructions manuals in the use of programs or program modifications