Prosecuting Attorney Job Profile and Description

A prosecuting attorney is a government appointment. This person is responsible for reviewing cases, conducting client interviews, internal official interviews and preparation of warrants. Prosecuting attorney works for state, country and federal governments. A prosecutor is a lawyer, who basically does the job of convincing a jury or judge.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A prosecutor has to present district attorney or state attorney according to the seniority level.
  • His responsibilities include representation of government entity and its offices and departments associated with this at public meetings and commission hearings.
  • He has to attend the assigned hearings and to take care of administrative actions of court.
  • He needs to take care of legal counsel issues associated with assigned government agency.
  • He has to take indictment from jury for reducing the charges of criminal and for dropping a particular case.
  • His duties include preparation of file case, submitting file charges and take the trial from behalf of people.
  • He has to collect all the important evidences and write notes about it to present in the court at the time of hearing.
  • A prosecutor attorney has to appear in the court to present the case and argue the case.

Skills and Specifications

  • He must have the knowledge of legal documentation, court actions and legal charges for different cases.
  • He should be able to study the assigned case thoroughly and must be able to arrange suitable legal material according to case requirement.
  • He should have the knowledge of an allocated government legal counsel and agency to take care of work.
  • A prosecutor attorney should be able to collect the proofs, witness and logical facts to strengthen a specified case.
  • He must have the ability to argue with positive and tactful point of view to won the case.

Education and Qualification

A prosecuting attorney should have minimum of graduation degree in law along with experience of four to seven years under an experienced prosecutor. To work on a higher level, he must have Post Graduation in Law.