Prosecutor Job Profile and Description

In today’s world with the increase in rate of crime, business and family conflicts the demand for good and proficient prosecutors has become greater than before. The job of a prosecutor is to carry out legal action against any crime in court or defend a person in any legal matter. He is a government employee who presents the case against suspected criminals in trial proceedings.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A prosecutor has to be present for hearings and other proceedings of court. He has to represent the client professionally in court and guide him as and when needed.
  • It is the duty of a prosecutor to keep the client in confidence for every step he is taking in a case. There has to be a good communication between the client and the prosecutor.
  • He has to do a lot of investigation and make drafts of the legal documents.
  • He has to check the medical files, organize files and keep track of the interrogations.
  • He should do a lot of research on the latest laws.
  • As a legal advisor of any government firm, he has to give advice on legal issues.
  • It is his principal function to battle for justice.
  • It is his responsibility to save the innocent and accuse the guilty.
  • He should follow the code of conduct.


Skills and Specifications

  • A prosecutor must be assertive in nature.
  • He should be a cogent speaker.
  • He should be an avid reader as it requires lot of reading in this profession.
  • He should be aggressive by mind.
  • He should have good communication skills.


Education and Qualifications

A prosecutor must be a graduate and have a bachelors’ or masters’ degree of law from recognised law college. He should pass the bar examination to get the license.