Quality Analyst Job Profile and Descriptions

The position of a Quality Analyst is a highly specialized position with a plethora of challenges. A quality analyst’s main task is to develop and implement long-term quality strategy. He identifies quality gaps, implements reporting processes in order to track quality improvements, enhance current systems, define and prioritize high-value quality projects and manages projects to completion. These analysts even develop standardized testing methods, which facilitate the quality checking process. They put the results of quality analysis in reports to present them to upper management.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Defining and establishing the overall quality strategy and approaching to determine, investigate, and resolve data quality issues.
  • Utilizing profiling, quality tools and various data sources in order to determine causes of quality issues.
  • Establishing an on-going process to maintain quality data and defining quality audit processes.
  • Identifying and leveraging opportunities to improve the quality management processes, systems, and standards.
  • Training and articulating the other departmental professionals regarding the benefits and need for quality checking.
  • Working closely with clients and internal business units to resolve any quality issues.
  • Recommending modifications and changes, if any, to the appropriate departments.
  • Training other quality inspectors and assessing their work performance.

Skills and Specifications

  • Willingness to acquire knowledge on new technologies to solve quality problems.
  • Excellent problem solving and analytical skills.
  • Able to work independently, self-directed and solutions-oriented.
  • Sound organizational and planning skills with a solid attention to detail.
  • Effective communication skills and excellent interpersonal skills.

Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Quality Control or Quality Assurance.
  • Experience in any quality administration related activities.