Requirement analyst job profile and description

Requirements analyst focus their attention on the requirements of the stakeholders and customers of a company. They need to validate and verify the requirements and prepare reports that will act as the base for project planning. Requirement analysts form a bridge between the services that a company provides and the needs of the customer base. There is a huge demand for requirement analysts and the future prospects for the profession are bright.

Requirement analyst duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a requirement analyst are:

  • Interacting with clients and gathering information about their requirements from the company
  • Interacting with the staff of the company and collect information about the services that are provided by them
  • Analyze the information gathered and prepare reports to present to the customers as well as company
  • Specifying the requirements of the clients to the development team of the company

Requirement analyst skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of a requirement analyst are:

  • Excellent analysis and logic skills
  • Excellent communication and interviewing skills
  • Excellent perception and understanding skills in order to understand what the clients require
  • Good writing skills in order to prepare reports
  • Excellent decision making skills in order to decide the most important requirements of the clients
  • Ability to evaluate all the information gathered critically
  • Good computer skills in order to prepare graphic reports and make presentations
  • Must be organized and meticulous in work
  • Must possess good interpersonal skills
  • Good understanding about the technical functions of the company

Requirement analyst education and qualification

The education and qualifications of a requirements analyst are:

  • The basic qualification required is a bachelor’s degree in the specified field of work

Requirement analysts salary

The median salary of a requirement analyst is $80,000 per annum.