Staff Analyst Job Description and Profile

Under administrative direction, the Staff Analyst’s job entails conducting research and analysis of specialized and technical nature on development or critical issues having important impact on the goals, policies, operations and objectives of the assigned department. He develops methods and strategies for initiating efforts to coordinate and integrate services delivery. He likewise performs related task and duties required of him to do.

Duties and Specifications

  • Researches and interprets signification information in the areas of demographic, economic, legislative as well as fiscal trend and developments to assist management make decisions in resolving critical problems or issues.
  • Develops procedures and strategies in the delivery of services.
  • Create funding and budgetary projections, find new funding sources and makes recommendations for existing or new programs.
  • Conducts management or fiscal studies of any scope or magnitude as may be required.
  • Researches significant information with the use of state, federal and local resources.
  • Prepares comprehensive statistic and narrative reports of findings that includes graphs and charts.
  • Develops and create policy statements as well as responses to legislation.
  • Provides significant information to staff, officials and community members to educate them on various issues.
  • Provides significant technical information to members of the community to explain projected consequences and chances of important issues like legislation

Skills and Specifications

  • Able to read and explain various policies, rules, law and regulations.
  • Must know how to do significant research and analysis, analyze important data, draw sound conclusions and make appropriate recommendations.
  • Must be able to exercise judgment.
  • Be able to communicate various information whether orally or in written form.
  • Able to find reliable sources of information.
  • Be able to prepare a variety of reports.
  • Must establish and maintain harmonious and efficient work relations with people for all levels.
  • Able to make and give public presentations.
  • Must know how to utilize automated computerized systems in the preparation of maintenance of data

Education and Qualifications

  • At least three years of relevant experience in conducting analysis and research for a company, preferably in the area of economics, legislation, fiscal issues and demographics.
  • Possesses valid State Driver’s License (Class C).