Sales intern Job Profile and Description

Students pursuing management studies often work as sales interns to get hands-on, real-life business training and experience. This helps them to broaden their understanding of a company’s objectives, environment, techniques and strategies to maximise sales and bring profits to the organisation.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The sales intern must learn about different aspects of the sales cycle and also different techniques used for outdoor sales
  • He will work under a supervisor, for example he will shadow the vice-president of sales or accompany the account executives and operations personnel during sales calls and meetings in their allotted area
  • He may be asked to work at the client help desk and solve customer complaints, prepare customer contracts and make strategies for new business development
  • Some interns may also work on special projects
  • Interns will also need to learn sales techniques to be used over the telephone and have to make a targeted number of phone calls
  • Interns have to achieve certain product-specific quotas and provide service for all promoted products
  • They may have to research prospective advertiser to reach the target consumers
  • Interns need to organize client contact lists and schedule updates
  • They must work with the sales planner to enter sales orders and records

Skills and Specifications

  • A sales intern must have excellent communication skills both verbal and written
  • He also needs to have very good organizational skills
  • He should be persuasive and know how to negotiate well
  • He must be good with numbers as well.
  • He should be hardworking and willing to do a lot of legwork at the grassroots level if required

Education and Qualifications

Sales interns are students of management courses and may also pursue commerce degrees. He must have basic computer knowledge and should be experienced with Microsoft Office products, primarily Word & Excel.