Software marketing Job Profile & Description

A software marketer combines product marketing and software development fields to provide overall program leadership and to drive a customer and market-focused product sales system. A software marketing role provides responsibilities to deliver business profitability, opportunities and revenue. The candidate engages with customers, understands their needs and requirements then supports efforts to build or develop product and systems that provide solutions to clients’ problems.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Leading software development teams through a prearranged gate process and support efforts with development of value maps, value proposition, competitive analysis and response, business case development and strategic pricing models
  • Marketing company software products
  • Driving cohesive messaging and integrated solutions into the market through coordinating value proposition content for products.
  • Translating business functional requirements from application and application segment to market-ready programs
  • Position company products to take advantage of market growth opportunities by analyzing market structure; market and technology trends, preparing and communicating plans that support implementation of these initiatives
  • Assist corporate marketing to drive integrated marketing and sales strategies across the market.
  • Articulating and Understanding customer requirements, leading product development teams through customer and market segmentation, targeting, developing the value proposition and selling it.
  • Develop sales and management of programs related to product objectives
  • Maintain a great level of understanding of association market trends sales
  • Attend consumer trade shows and customer interaction marketing plans in various markets to promote products
  • Work with Executive Director in developing annual marketing plan for the company product
  • Work with design software such as InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to develop electronic and print advertisements
  • Assist the Executive office with any assigned administrative functions

Education and Qualifications

BS degree in Computer Science

University degree in Marketing

Knowledge in graphic design and competence in the use of required design software

Skills and specifications

Ability to push strategies into the market

Ability to drive change, lead cross-functional teams and develop relationships at all levels