Advertising Copy Writer Student Job Profile and Description

Students with creative writing skills can get their first taste in advertising work taking an apprentice job in advertising companies under seasoned Copy Writers.  If they can show they can create witty advertorials, one-liners, taglines, and slogans that can promote products and services in suitable media, advertising companies can spot the talent and prepare them for future employment in their companies on a permanent basis.

Advertising Copy Writer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Meet and discuss with lead copy writers, advertising account managers and clients to get a good grasp of client’s marketing requirements for branding, product positioning, target markets and advertising goals to guide in the development of ad copies.
  • With target markets and objective identified, craft the advertorial or slogan in the language that is within the vernacular of the market for easy advertising penetration.
  • Write variations of the ad copy suitable for use in the selected media channel such as print, broadcast, billboard, poster or the web.
  • Present ad copy ideas and drafts to senior copy writer for approval.
  • Edit or rewrite existing copy as required and submit copy for approval
  • Develop advertising campaigns for the client’s range of products.

Advertising Copy Writer Skills and Specifications

  • Must have excellent written communication skills
  • Must have excellent interpersonal and selling skills
  • Must have excellent command f word processing PC tools

Advertising Copy Writer Education and Qualifications

As a student job for the summer or semester break, the relevant undergraduate course in English, Advertising, Mass Communication or related courses is basic


Advertising Copy Writer Student Salary

The median salary for Advertising Copy Writers in 2009 stood at $25.91 per hour or $53,900 annually.  Students on a summer job in the position won’t get this rate but can expect close to the lower end of the pay scale which also depends on the advertising firm size and location.