Freelance Fitness Trainer Job Profile and Description

Students who are avid body builders or are members of the college varsity team and athletic associations can make their summers and semester breaks or even weekends lucrative by taking on part time jobs as assistant coach, gym instructors or Fitness Trainer working under professional trainers.  Or they can do it on their own if thy have private clients who can pay for their coaching skills.

Freelance Fitness Trainer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Instruct or coach individuals or groups in the proper exercise activities, healthily lifestyles and the sports fundamentals.
  • Demonstrate techniques and methods of participation.
  • Observe gym participants and advice them for the proper exercise postures
  • Discuss health issues and concerns with your private clients to allow you to design and implement a suitable exercise routine.
  • Instruct your client or gym participants in maintaining the proper consistency and exertion levels to maximize body toning benefits from exercise routines.
  • Educate client on the various exercise routines to accommodate different fitness, health and age levels.
  • Monitor your client’s progress and adjust exercise routines either way.
  • Engage your client with entertaining talk to while away the exercise minutes.
  • Explain and enforce safety rules and regulations governing the use of sporting and gym equipment.
  • Administer emergency first aid, treat minor exercise injuries and call 911 for serious cases

Freelance Fitness Trainer Skills and Specifications

  • Must have excellent physical build and health
  • Must have adequate interpersonal and communication skills
  • Must have working knowledge in the operation of gym gears and equipment

Freelance Fitness Trainer Education and Qualifications

While being a student in physical therapy is a good background for the job, all that is needed is the student’s passion for a healthy and athletic lifestyle and his interest in teaching the discipline to others that can make the job meaningful and rewarding.

Freelance Fitness Trainer Student Salary

The median salary for fitness trainers and instructors in 2009 stood at $14.74 hourly or $30,670 annually. Don’t expect to reach this level on your first month of work as an assistant fitness trainer in a gym or heath studio, but you can if do freelance work acting as private fitness trainers for patrons wanting to lose weight or build muscles.