Baker Job Profile and Description

If you love to bake and have been doing a lot of baking with your family at home, you can monetize your home baking experience during summer or semestral breaks with a stint as an assistant baker in a popular bakery shop, café or restaurant specializing in cakes and pastries. You can join seasoned bakers as an apprentice or an assistant in baking breads and pastries for the summer.


Baker Duties and Responsibilities

  • Know the various baking products like pastries, bagels, croissants, pizza, bread, etc. so that you may know how to prepare for each of these in the bake kitchen.
  • Regularly monitor color of products being baked and make adjustments to  oven temperatures and other settings to achieve the correct baking level.
  • Assist the baker in measuring and blending the ingredients to create the batters, dough, fillings and icings using the right scales and graduated cups.
  • Assist the baker in rolling, kneading, cutting and shaping the dough to the right shape for cookies, tarts, bagels, croissants, pies, rolls, etc.
  • Place dough in molds or pans and bake at the prescribed temperatures.
  • Check to ensure that baking equipment complies with health and safety regulations.
  • Learn from technical staff when performing routine and ad hoc maintenance of baking equipment.

Baker Skills and Specifications

  • Must have pleasant personality and cheerful disposition
  • Must have working knowledge on baked products, baking technologies, ingredients and baking procedures
  • Must have excellent oral communication and interpersonal skills

Baker Education and Qualifications

There’s no specific educational background for the job but a current course in culinary sciences is an advantage

Baker Salary

Median annual wages of bakers was $23,290 in 2008. The middle 50% earned between $18,700 and $29,800 with the lowest 10% at $16,400 and the highest 10% at $37,300. You may not enjoy the median unless you have had some commercial baking experience