Bartender Job Profile and Description

Just like working as a food server during a summer or semestral break, if you know your liquors from liqueurs and have had experience in mixing drinks and alcohols for a good alcoholic beverage concoction at home, you can monetize your skill by going into a summer job as a Student Bartender in a pub or restaurant.

Bartender Duties and Responsibilities

  • Check customer identification when in doubt to ensure that the establishment does not served liquors to minors.
  • Ensure that the drinks you serve conform to what the customer at the bar has ordered or expects.
  • Serve liqueurs, wines, and bottled or draft beer.
  • Take beverage, alcohol, wine and coffee orders from food serving staff or directly from patrons seated on bar stools at the counter.
  • Under supervision by the professional bartended, collect payments for each drink ordered and served.
  • Routinely maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of the bar, all its utensils and bar equipment.
  • Assist the bartenders in limiting the alcoholic consumption of patrons by taking measures like persuading customers to stop drinking, or ordering taxis or arranging for transport of intoxicated patrons.
  • Ensure that the bar stock is adequate for the day’s service.

Bartender Skills and Specifications

  • Must have pleasant personality and cheerful disposition
  • Must have working knowledge on various liquors, wines and alcoholic beverage and how they are mixed
  • Must have excellent oral communication and interpersonal skills

Bartender Education and Qualifications

There’s no specific educational background for the job but a current course in culinary sciences is an advantage

Bartender Salary

Bartenders enjoyed a median hourly rate, including tips averaging $8.54. The middle 50% earned between $7.53 and $10.98 with bottom 10% at $7.00 and the top 10% at $14.93 an hour. Bartenders in bars may receive tips that exceed half of their regular pay.  As a Student Bartender, you can expect to earn lower than the median, unless you’re a regular summer worker in the same bar.