Food Server/Waiter/Waitress Student Job Profile and Description

If you are looking to get some income during your breaks, the easiest summer job is getting into the food business as a food server in a fast food chain or a waiter/waitress in a diner, café or pub.  The process can be learned while on job and it only takes some patience and a non-aversion to labor-intensive jobs to pull you through a work day.

Food Server/Waiter/Waitress Duties and Responsibilities

  • Greet, welcome and usher patrons to their seat and provide the menu.
  • Know the menu items individually to answer patron questions about any of them.
  • Take orders from clients ensuring they are part of the menu and offer house specialties and promotional items.
  • Ensure kitchen receives orders with the specific requests of patrons
  • Serve the meals and drinks without any accident.
  • Regularly check with patrons to ensure they are enjoying their meals and to make yourself available for any requests or to address problems which you need to resolve immediately.
  • Present client with bill, ensuring the items are accurate; collect payment for processing by the cashier.
  • Thank guests for their patronage as they and restore the tables to pristine condition.

Food Server/Waiter/Waitress Skills and Specifications

  • Must have pleasant personality and cheerful disposition
  • Must be customer-centric and accommodating to patron requests
  • Must have excellent oral communication and interpersonal skills

Food Server/Waiter/Waitress Education and Qualifications

As a common student job, there’s no specific educational requirement though a continuing course with Hotel and Restaurant Management is an advantage

Food Server/Waiter/Waitress Student Salary

The median salary for waiter/waitress/food server in 2009 was $8.50 per hour or $17,690 annually. But as a summer job, don’t expect to be near the medium if this is your first time.  Some student do if the establishment owner knows the student from work in previous summer or semestral breaks as and is satisfied with their performance.