Job Lab Research Student Job Profile and Description

It’s not a regular thing but it’s been observed that promising students in the pure sciences can be invited or can apply as laboratory research assistants to professors conducting some commissioned research related to their field of expertise such as microbiology, psychology, physics, chemistry, etc. This is an excellent opportunity to earn the trust and confidence of professors and will certainly be a boost to one’s learning in the chosen course.

Lab Research Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist the professor in conducting experiments in the laboratory.
  • Perform relevant tasks as may be directed by the professor.
  • Document result findings for approval.
  • Handle all input materials, information materials, references and other materials required in the research.
  • Handle laboratory animals in biological or pharmaceutical lab work.
  • Conduct field surveys in statistical research work.

Lab Research Job Skills and Specifications

  • Excellent written communication skills in English to documents research findings in the format required by the professor.
  • Has the patience and willingness to work long hours even without supervision
  • Can be trusted to keep laboratory equipment in good condition.
  • Can be trusted to keep research findings confidential until authorized to release to the general public or after campus publication.
  • Has an excellent analytical ability sift through a wealth of data.
  • Has above average computer literacy in handling word processing and spreadsheet applications or with specialized application used in the research.

Lab Research Job Education and Qualifications

  • As a student job, the relevant undergraduate course is necessary to get the summer break or semester break position.
  • A keen interest in lab research work and faith in the objectives of the study is important.

Lab Research Job Lab Research Student Salary

The internship or student job does not benefit any standard salary but depending on the professor, a stipend or allowance is granted to cover student expenses such as temporary lodging, meals and transport related to the research work.