Social Worker Job Profile and Description

Social work is an area where students can be able to spend fruitful summer or semestral break by helping social workers, healthcare workers, and other professionals who provide basic services to people in depressed locations or in rural areas. Working under the direct supervision of social workers with various backgrounds in the fields of nursing, psychiatry, gerontology, youth assistance, communality support, vaccination services, mental health and dental health services, family support and drug abuse support, to mention a few, students can have a feel of the real world outside of the campus working as Student Social Worker

Social Worker Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide assistance to the professional social worker in assigned work
  • Learn all there is to know in assigned routine tasks for less future supervision
  • Provide clerical and administrative staff work for social workers in the field
  • Facilitate the ordering and delivery to the archeologist/professor in conducting supervising archeological excavations

Social Worker Skills and Specifications

  • Does not mind working in less than sanitary conditions in depressed areas
  • Does not mind working in rural hospitals and clinics where the social work may lead them
  • Must have a deep compassion for the poor and less privilege in society
  • Must have excellent physical health and mental alertness
  • Must have god interpersonal and verbal communication skills
  • Can work long hours caring for indigents, migrants, children and family in distress, problem children, etc.

Social Worker Education and Qualifications

As a student job for the semester break or summer, the significant undergraduate course in social, health or police sciences is basic


Social Worker Student Salary

The internship or student job may not enjoy an emolument but depending on the state or civic organization, a stipend or allowance is granted to cover temporary lodging, meals and transport related to the social work required during the period.