Student worker Job Profile and Description

As the name suggests, a student worker is a person who is pursuing his studies but who also utilizes his spare time by working in a particular department or division of his college or university. These jobs keep in mind the academic schedule of the student and are more lenient than full time jobs. But this experience can also be mentioned by the student in his resume and helps him earn some money too.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The student worker must mostly perform clerical or data entry tasks and file important documents accordingly
  • He must handle and make phone calls, related to student’s queries or for public relations purposes
  • He may also be asked to cover the reception or front desk
  • He has to create and update records in the department database
  • He also has to copy, file, sort and compile various information details
  • He is expected to maintain the work area in a clean and organised manner
  • He must also adhere to the code of confidentiality in certain cases where discretion should be used
  • He must check and verify his work and maintain accuracy especially in jobs related to data entry

Skills and Specifications

  • He must have stamina and physically should be able to handle a job along with studies
  • He must be accountable to the work he is entrusted with
  • He must have good communication skills, both written and oral, and interact with others in a friendly manner
  • He must be organised and work in planned manner

Education and Qualifications

A student worker must have knowledge of computer, different software and other technical details. He must have permission or recommendation from his academic department to work in a particular division. Any prior job experience, especially directly related to his work, will also be helpful.