Student services Job Profile and Description

A person working in the student services division is responsible for helping and assisting students by planning and implementing different strategies and academic programmes which will make their lives easier and more convenient. He has to support the college or university staff with all tasks related to developing, coordinating, marketing and carrying out the programmes.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A student services officer helps organise meetings of the student services division and the programme planning committee
  • He has to develop programme ideas and be a leader
  • He can make weekly or daily newsletters for the members, keeping the communication flowing with the program planning committee
  • He can also create promotional materials like flyers, power point presentations, handouts for the programmes
  • He has to organise publicity and marketing of those programmes across campus
  • He can help develop workshop materials for academic events
  • He helps oversee the registration process and handling of event fees
  • He must help with evaluation of the programmes
  • He must also ensure that the website is updated and the all the programmes are listed
  • He needs to prepare materials for meetings
  • Besides making newsletters, he also has to write in the year-end programme summary report
  • He must monitor the student services bulletin boards for content, timeliness, attractiveness of materials

Skills and Specifications

  • He must have excellent organisational skills and should pay attention to details
  • Must have command over the language and should be able to communicate well, both verbally and in writing
  • He should have knowledge of graphic designing and must have word processing skills

Education and Qualifications

A Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent is required for this post. Knowledge of computers is an advantage. Prior experience of interaction with students and community service also helps.