A career description is a document which contains an outline of a career and is usually circulated among potential employees during the recruitment process. Conversely it may also refer to an employee’s career statement which contains a record of his career till date and his educational background and achievements but that is less commonly called a career description.

  • Comprehensive Outline: The career description must contain a comprehensive outline of the career being elaborated on. Since its purpose is to be informative and offer potential employees and job hunters the opportunity of knowing what they are going in for, care should be taken to make it absolutely lucid and interesting. It should contain the major details of the job and the salient features of it like payment and responsibilities.
  • Purpose: The purpose of the career description must dictate its style. If it is to be handed out to potential employees, the style will be different from the kind of write-up that will grace a company’s website or web page. Thus, care should be chosen to determine length, style, content, tone, amount of details and so on before the document is finalized.
  • Format And Editing: The document must be formatted and edited correctly in order to have an impact and be attractive. This is especially important if the career description report is placed on the website of a company since in that case, many might be lured by the write-up itself and curiosity about the posts might increase if the description is a strong enough one.

Thus a career description is a very important document which must be given the consideration it deserves. It must be well organized and the thought behind it must be clear and lucid. Be it a  detailed description of the job or a small write-up about it, the career description must fulfill its function of conveying vital information about the job while enticing people to consider it as an option.