Accounts Payable Clerk Job Profile and Description

The accounts payable clerk provides administrative and financial services to be able to ensure that an effective, accurate, administrative and effective operation is achieved. This includes monitoring of payments, processing them and the company’s expenditures and also the monitoring and preparation of the payroll. The accounts payable clerk should be able to perform these duties in an efficient and effective manner to make sure that the finances are updated and accurate, the employees are paid correctly on time and that the suppliers are paid according to the agreed upon terms.

Duties and Responsibilities

Some of the duties and obligations of an accounts payable clerk are:

  • To process the daily accounts payable transaction of the company. Updating them constantly to ensure that they are effectively maintained. This means that the accounts payable clerk should be able to perform such supporting duties such as preparing invoice batches for data entry, and enter payment invoices into the data bank. In addition, he also needs to verify if office transactions comply with its financial procedures and policies, process the backup reports, oversee and record the check run weekly, prepare for mailing the suppliers check and make sure that they are properly recorded after mailing, when required the accounts payable clerk should also be able prepare manual checks.
  • Maintenance and monitoring of the general ledger.
  • Update supplier files and their corresponding number in the file system.
  • Maintenance of the accounts payable list.
  • Making sure that company employees are paid correctly and on time by completing his payroll chores. This includes:
    • Calculation of salaries and benefits
    • Verification of deductibles, working hours, etc.
    • Code verification and signature gathering
    • Casual employees file maintenance and establishment
    • TD1 form processing
    • Data encoding of batch pay sheets
    • Distribution and log in of paychecks
    • Preparation and remittance of source payroll and their corresponding deductions.
  • Ensure efficient and effective office operations by providing administrative support. The main activities of the accounts payable clerk in this category are the maintenance of the inventory files, maintenance of all the company’s financial documents in a filing system and ensuring the security and confidentiality of every financial file and employee record.

Do other related duties as required from an accounts payable clerk.