Administration Director Job Profile and Description

The administration director performs a wide variety of functions that include but is not limited to accounting, finance, human resources and administration functions. In order to manage the organizations’ financial and human resources, an administration director must possess a good educational background and a sufficient amount of experience on the field. Being an administration director entails a great deal of computer, management and budgeting skills.

Duties and Responsibilities

The key duties and responsibilities expected from an administration director circulate around the following functions:

  • Performs the organization the payroll of the institution’s staff and ensures that the salary is given in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Prepares and produces a written output of financial statements of the institution and ensures prompt submission to the finance and audit committees.
  • Supplies the staff with pertinent information and valuable know-how in order to maintain smooth, risk-free operations within the organization.
  • Carries the responsibility of obtaining insurance for the organization.
  • Develops the shifting schedules of the workers employed in the institution while ensuring strict adherence to these schedules and creating the necessary alterations as seen fit.

Safeguards the health and wellbeing of the employees by pinpointing occupational hazards to health within the premises and in close proximity to the institution.

  • Creates the institution institutional work plan, while listing realistic, achievable goals while following a specific time frame.

Directs, supervises and appoints the function of each employee while providing an opportunity for improvement through valuable feedback.

  • Represents the organization and maintains an unblemished reputation among clients and colleagues.
  • Serves as a role model, which the different workers in the institution can look up to.
  • Serves as a good motivator to the various workers of the institution by coming up with brilliant motivational techniques and work incentives.
  • Aids in the training of the newbie and the continuous development of the veteran employee.
  • Supports the vision and mission statements of the institution as evidenced by his daily actions and encourages workers to do the same.
  • Ensures effective division as well as distribution of supplies among various departments and members of the staff.